Investor Relations

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Investing in the future

The future of educating the next generation is about to change for the better. We are on a mission to help students and would love to meet like-minded investors who are optimistic about the future of education and would like to join our talented team in pioneering the next wave of impact in education.

The team behind the Cudy brand and its’ subsidiary brands such as TutorSMS continues to work hard to develop an unparalleled ecosystem of tutors, students and parents. We express our commitment to improving the lives of students and tutors, through our expanding products and services, helping them to reach their individual goals.

Cudy continues to hire talented individuals with an ethos for creativity and innovating great products and services for students and tutors.

Here are some of our brands:

Cudy aims to be the enabler and the future of the education landscape in Singapore and South-east Asia.

If you would like to explore investment opportunities and access our investment deck, contact us at [email protected].