Be Your Own Tutor Agency

First automated tutor matching chat service in Singapore

Earn Passively
by inviting tutors

Have friends or family who are tutors? Create a tutor agency account with TutorSMS and invite them to join and earn passively when they get successful assignments! Anyone can be a tutor agent.

Track Performance
of your invited tutors

Each tutor can only register on TutorSMS once. You could be the first to do so! Every additional active tutor that you invite increases your potential earnings.

Passive Commission
made simple

Get increasing commission when your tutors receive a successful assignment for more tutors you invite to TutorSMS.

Commission Table

Total number of invited tutors registered : Per successful assignment for the

1-50 tutors: 1%

51-100 tutors: 2%

101-200 tutors: 3%

201-300 tutors: 4%

301-400 tutors: 5%

401-500 tutors: 6%

501-600 tutors: 7%

601-700 tutors: 8%

701-800 tutors: 9%

801-900 tutors: 10%

901-1000 tutors: 11%

1001 and over tutors: 15%