The TutorSMS Story

First automated tutor matching chat service in Singapore

"What is the fastest way to find a suitable tutor for my child?"

How do you find a tutor?

Asking your relatives may not get you the most suitable match as your child may learn very differently. Tuition Agencies may not have your best interest when assigning a tutor to you.

At TutorSMS, we believe that every parent intends to find the fastest way to ge the right academic coaching for their child. We want to empower parents with greater choice, convenience and speed.

Our Solution

As former students and tutors, we decided to solve our own “tutor hunting” problem by building TutorSMS – the fastest way to get suitable tutors.

TutorSMS, Singapore’s first automated tutor matching chat service, is specifically designed for busy parents to find and match with the right tutor for their child within 10 minutes.

Our Technology

We take our matching technology seriously. Our team has 26 years of combined experience developing consumer technology. 

Using Artificial Intelligence and secured servers, we ensure that our matching system is robust to deliver accurate and quick tutor results to you.

Our Team

TutorSMS is developed by Cudy Pte. Ltd. Based in Singapore, we are group of education technology enthusiast. Started in 2018, we have been dedicated to creating the best learning technologies to South East Asia, starting with our core focus in the tuition industry.

Interested to know more?

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